Chapter 9.10 – Nowhere

Every relationship she has ever known during her curiously long life, has resulted in nothing but grief and pain.
There was one exception. At seemingly random intervals, a boy would appear to her in place of David, or occasionally, his offspring. The boy seemed to defy the rules of reality. His name was Adam, and he was the same as her. She’d cried for nights on end, thinking about him; wondering who he was, and why they couldn’t be together.
She’d heard his angelic voices, singing out to her from somewhere in the cosmos. She responded, hopefully and excitedly, in hopes that they would find each other. But then his voices stopped singing to her (or, perhaps, she’d stopped listening for them). She fought desperately to find Adam; to discover where he had called her from. Her final conclusion was equally confusing as it was disheartening. He was Nowhere.
Having no better options remaining, she set out (somewhat defiantly) to find out where, in Nowhere, he was hiding. And that is how she reached this place. Should such a place even exist? As it turns out, it does exist. It is a place where there are no relationships; and thus, no pain. In fact, it is a place where there is nothing; only the soft, steady beat of her heart and the rhythmic tides of her breathing. That, and an endless, empty, and desolate wasteland.
She had successfully found Nowhere.
She has spent a hundred years here alone, or possibly more (time is a difficult thing to measure in Nowhere). There is no warning when, from out of somewhere, something drifts quietly past her in the same manner a soft breeze would transit though an open window. It invokes a sensation akin to panic. And she flinches. This is the very same thing she has sought to escape. But it has found here, nonetheless.
The appeal is almost completely undetectable, at first. But in a place where there is only nothing, not even the smallest something can be ignored. It is imperceptible, yet concrete enough to demand notice. She reluctantly emerges from her perpetual meditation; a self-imposed emotional purgatory from which she has little chance (or desire) of ever emerging.
.. PAIN …
The walls she had built protecting herself, crumble easily against the sudden, unstoppable surge of the stuff. Oddly, it is not that quiet whisper of pain that had succeeded in breaching her defenses. It is her own suppressed, compressed, and pressurized emotions that burst forth and make quick work of tearing down her carefully built fortifications.
This leaves her a trembling and sobbing mess. It is an agonizing and unpleasant thing to witness. But thankfully, she is Nowhere.
Something unusual stirs within the settling dust and rubble of her freshly ruined certitude. She hears Adam’s sweet, angelic voices calling her name again, and it immediately quiets her suffering. Stifled sobs escape from deep within her gut, causing her to breathe in little gulps. After all this time, Adam had never stopped calling her. Under better circumstances, she would smile. But the words she hears him speaking produce only a meek and indecisive frown.
Kacey …I need you…

2 thoughts on “Chapter 9.10 – Nowhere

  1. Awww D: So that’s whats been happening to her all this time! I’m glad the sound of Adam’s voice woke her though, even its just for calling help ^_^ They can meet officially now! Woohoo!


  2. Awwe Kacey! I’m so sorry I got mad that you for not coming back to meet Adam! Now that you’re done having a break down, go save Adam’s effin’ life!


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