Chapter 9.1 – Prank

Adam quietly listens while Makayla speaks with the school principal, discussing the finer points of a very messy prank pulled on the school after hours yesterday.
Evidence found at “ground zero” would seem to point to Adam being the perpetrator. But Makayla assures the flustered, young woman that Adam had gone to a movie and then burgers with his father yesterday, as reward for perfect grades. They were out fairly late; well after the damage was done.
Adam’s lips curl into a disgruntled expression of disgust as he leaves the school with Makayla. There is no need for either she or Adam to voice their suspicions about the prank. They both know it was Noah. Still, Adam apologizes for the embarrassment, gives her an reassuring hug, then says something that leaves Makayla wearing a flattered smile.
I love you, Mom.
From the very beginning of school, Adam has taken to regarding Makayla as “Mom” instead of “Kay”, while among his friends. It’s honestly a whole lot easier than having to explain the entire situation to every single sim who asks about it. After awhile, he became so comfortable with it, that he started saying it at home, too.
Makayla is somewhat awkward with the undeserved title. And oddly, the harmless gesture seems to have intensified her building urge to settle down and start her own family. Parenting Noah, however, has been a great equalizer in her desire to experience motherhood for herself. She would just as soon remain celibate her entire lifetime, if there was even the slightest chance of conceiving another sim like Noah.
The kid is a repulsive, little creep. And he seems to derive great enjoyment from opposing whatever Adam does. In his bent mind, Noah has found it necessary to oppose Adam in addressing their parents as “Mom” and “Dad”. Her cousin nearly lost his mind when Noah called him “Luke” the first time. And the reaction was all Noah needed to continue doing it indefinitely.
When they arrive home, Adam finds Noah playing video games on the sofa. The smug smile on his brother’s face warrants a thorough beat-down, but Adam maintains his cool. Given the many tense moments, so far, none have ended in a fist-fight. And honestly, there’s no sense in subjecting his family to any more unnecessary drama.
Kay kisses Adam on the head, then rustles his shining, silvery hair. Although she had already said so, Kay again praises Adam for his hard work and great attitude. Surely, this is more for Noah’s benefit than Adam’s. But quietly, Adam enjoys the reinforcement. Having made her point, Kay explains that she needs to do some after-hours work at Doo Peas. There’s been a small breakthrough on a case she’s been working on, and she wants to follow up on it tonight.
Adam has suspected, for some time, that Kay’s pet project has something to do with his and Noah’s real mother. Adam has not built up the courage to ask either Kay or Luke about it. Surely there is a good reason why they have not mentioned it. What if she was killed in some horrible tragedy, and their dad still hasn’t fully recovered? Or worse, what if she’s like Noah?
Kay sternly announces to Noah that he is grounded for the stunt at school. Without flinching or missing a step in his game, Noah responds with an offensive, two-word vulgarity. Laughing, he then challenges her to prove it, replacing her name with another another foul expletive.
Before the signal to dismantle Noah has a chance to travel from Adam’s brain to his extremities, Kay has placed a restraining hand on his shoulder. Her face is humorless and her expression is firm as she shakes her head warning Adam not to respond. This is a fight for another day and time. She smiles weakly, instructing Adam to hang up the award in his room; promising to come check it out after she gets home.
Luke arrives home just Kay is leaving. They exchange words outside by the front gate. Adam can see his father offering a friendly hug, then apologizing to her after an animated account of the afternoon. Sometimes Adam wishes that Kay and their dad would just settle down together. He’d really love to have a little sister.
Unfortunately, Adam is pretty sure that the situation isn’t quite so simple as he wishes it could be. They’ve really never talked about why Makayla lives here. As best Adam can tell, she is some kind of family relation and works closely with his dad in managing all of the businesses he owns. Unfortunately, any time the four of them try to have a discussion, it just turns into another crisis, courtesy of Noah.
Adam grins as he adjusts the Honor Roll plaque on the wall above his bed. His mind wanders from his idiot brother, to the accomplishment now hanging prominently on the wall, then to thoughts about his father and Kay, and his dreams of having a little sister. Then, Adam finds that his mind has wandered back to a time and place that, while impossibly distant, somehow seems vaguely familiar.
Adam stands with his hands on his hips, laughing as Reid hangs another award to the wall in his bedroom. He had just said something he thought was really funny; something about just making wallpaper out of his awards. As usual, Reid doesn’t get it.
After January Donner grew up to a teen, their trio had become just two. Reid had always been a weird kid, but he was still Adam’s best friend. Even so, he has been extra-weird, lately. All he wants to talk about is the abandoned mine they’d found last year. Sure it was pretty cool, but there are new things to go discover… like the mysterious circle of huge, standing stones that Adam had seen while using the telescope at the top floor of Reid’s apartment. Maybe it’s the massive fingers of a giant, buried robot!
He tunes out Reid’s discussion about theories as to why it is unlikely to be a giant robot hand; and ponders, instead, about how Reid used to be really fun to play with. Finally, Adam interrupts and asks Reid what he’s planning on doing for his birthday. His own birthday is just a few days after Reid’s, but he isn’t planning on throwing a party. Reid understands, without his friend having to say anything, about being too embarrassed to have anybody come over to his tiny, wooden shack for a house.
The uncomfortable lapse in their conversation is broken by Reid’s sister. Her sweet, angelic voice is accompanied by an otherworldly chorus as she speaks. He’s not sure, exactly, what she was saying when she came into the room. It was something about her nerdy brother being too boring to have a birthday party, but that he is welcome to come over and celebrate if he wants to…
They make only the briefest eye contact. But in that instant, Adam gains a glimpse of bright, blue eyes framed by shining, silver hair. She stops in her tracks upon seeing Adam, her face forming an unreadable, curious expression of astonishment.
Luke’s voice snaps Adam out of his subconscious state. After Adam fully emerges, he can see the worried expression on his father’s face. Adam smiles and apologizes for zoning out. But before Luke can respond, or offer his own apology for Noah’s behavior, he catches his breath. With a half smile on his face, and in a distant voice, Adam describes his brief encounter with the weird kid named Reid, and a beautiful, young girl with silvery hair and blue eyes. Adam shakes his head, and for the first time, verbalizes his realization that he is different from the rest of the family. Then, while Luke tries to formulate a response, Adam again abruptly shifts topics.
The boy attempts, but does poorly to hide his emotion, when he asks Luke what happened to his real mother.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 9.1 – Prank

  1. Awww oh Adam! I feel so sorry for him. Luke and Makayla can’t be together! D: But from a childs view I can see why those two being together would resolve everything. And Noah is a sick idiot, worse than Reid. And it surprised me to see Adam and Casey (Casey right?) meet. Was Adam able to go back in time or is he in a dream? Or in place of David? (…David right?) It all pieces together! But I won’t say it :3


  2. I was thinking that Adam looked quite a lot like both of his parents, but when he “met” Kacey I was surprised to see how they look alike, like they’re the same sort of being. Even if it wasn’t intentional, it does make the story more… right, somehow, to me. I really like that 🙂


    1. In the actual game, both Adam and Noah are children of Luke and Anna. I changed Adam’s hair to match Kacey’s. I think you’re on the right track about Adam and Kacey being the same sort of beings. It will all make sense …”soon” 😀


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