Chapter 8.?? – Garden

She hangs like a delicate and pristine ornament in the alien sky, gracing it with her understated elegance and beauty.
She has traveled as far as one can travel in search of answers. Who is she? What is her purpose? What is she supposed to do?
But after decades of searching, it has become clear to her that there are no answers to those questions. Now she just feels lost. Perhaps she is intended to stay here, in this desolate void, to grow old as a reclusive hermit. It seems to be what she is best at. Besides, the times she has managed to build some small measure of motivation to search for answers, the trail always leads her back to this place. Then she wonders, is she even able to grow old?
Kacey walks the broken earth and feels its power beneath her feet. This place had been a primal garden at one time. There was none other like it in the universe. At its center, there had stood an enormous and magnificent tree. There had been many others like her then, as well. They would come here with their lifelong mates to dwell within the safety of the colossal tree, and to conceive and birth their offspring. Who can say why? It is knowledge that will be forever lost.
She thinks of David, Hope, Faith, and the others. She misses them desperately. Kacey wipes tears away from her cheeks. She has no memory of her parents, or of the tree. Just a dark, cold cave and a wickedness that still scares her to this day.
The tree had been ripped away from this place and destroyed a long time ago. The roots that once held the land together withered and died, creating this unwelcome wasteland. Her artifact had been all that remained of it. Kacey sits in a comfortable patch of grass and closes her eyes, wondering what kind evil would possibly want to molest something as beautiful as this once majestic garden.
Yes, this must be what she is intended to do.
Just to sit here and contemplate…
and grow old as a lonely, reclusive hermit.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 8.?? – Garden

  1. Luke will come and pull her away from there.
    Please? XD
    Pretty angel pictures 😛 im not going to wonder how it was created, I’ll just accept it and look at the pretty winngss~


  2. Really interesting post. The creation of the angel and picture taking was brilliant!
    There’s a new post on my legacy, and the voting poll has been posted up. Hurry and vote for your favorite!


  3. Love the cinematography of your screenshots. I am hoping that Luke survives his brush with the “wickedness” that scares even Kacey. Hopefully she helps him and they both find peace.


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