Chapter 7.6 – Grudge

Despite the feeling that she ought to know better, Amber begins to spend a lot more time with Billy Jones after their encounter at the warehouse.
She has been preoccupied, thinking about the possible consequences of getting caught by Brand inside the warehouse. Something in her gut says that he is an incredibly dangerous sim. The fact that Billy found her first may have just been a completely random coincidence; but it may have also saved her life.
Looking past the fact that Billy is a colossal jerk, she begins feel that he really isn’t all that bad. Thanks to her marital-arts training, he minds his manners and wouldn’t dare think about laying a finger on her. In fairness, he’d probably have difficulty with it, anyway. She accidentally broke the first three fingers on his right hand, in response to repeated “out-of-bounds” infractions during one of their make-out sessions by the lake. She does feel bad for hurting him. But she kind of lost her temper after the tenth warning for him to stop. In any event, it drew the line pretty clearly for him, and here hasn’t been any more of that nonsense, since.
Amber wonders sometimes, why they’re not like other couples in school. It is always hot and cold with him. He’s either madly in love, or wants nothing to do with her. It doesn’t really bother her most of the time. If anything, she just feels sorry for him. He’s fairly good-looking, and a great kisser. But that’s about it. For the most part, he’s as dumb as a rock.
Right or wrong, she has been able to exploit this “limitation”, to slowly gain information about what he does at the warehouse every day. It appears there is quite a bit more happening there than what most people are aware of. She has been careful not to mention Mr. Dworkin, for obvious reasons. Otherwise, Billy has been a wealth of knowledge about the new “foreman” at the warehouse.
He is a foreigner who has very recently taken over (somewhat forcibly) much of the warehouse’s daily operation while Billy’s father serves his prison sentence. Amber feels pretty confident that this new foreman and Brand are the same sim. If this is true, then Amber has just uncovered a much larger mystery to write about.
Lisa gossips with her daughter about Billy, and sees a mirror image herself twenty years ago. Honestly, she can’t blame Amber for liking Billy. He is a good looking kid. Besides, at that age, Lisa was a sucker for the bad guys, too. At least Amber has a caring family to keep her grounded. Lisa wasn’t so lucky. Her single mother was either out partying or working most of the time; and Lisa just modeled what she saw. She’d had countless revolving-door relationships before Ben came along.
Amber just shrugs Billy off as a “teen thing” and promises that she’ll stay out of trouble. Ben has shared his worry about Billy with his wife on many occasions. But Lisa points out that causing trouble for their daughter will only serve to make Billy that much more attractive to her. Amber will eventually move on and find her knight in shining armor.
Lisa remembers the night Ben stepped in and played guitar for her drunken guitarist/boyfriend. It was like magic. In fact, everything about their relationship has been charmed. Almost instantly, she had gone from complete obscurity to super-stardom when she joined Grayswandir. And while her relationship with Ben continues to grow and flourish, it is the trouble with Grayswandir that has her worried.
Lawsuits have been piling up against Ben and Lisa, costing a small fortune to defend against. It is not so bad for either she or Ben. But Sara and her husband, Ricky, are barely staying afloat. There is new litigation being conjured up against them daily. Ben continues to throw more money at the problem, helping Sarah anywhere he is legally permitted to.
For now, there is no crisis. Jimmy spends his birthday at the house with family, going over financial strategies with Ben and the lawyers. But Lisa can see the worry in Faith’s expression; though she knows her mother-in-law will never admit it. The family still has plenty of cash reserves to draw upon, but that may eventually change. Then they may be forced to take more aggressive actions.
Lisa cannot help but feel somewhat outraged. She and Ben had every right to quit Grayswandir. Sarah had never held them to any contract, and the remaining band members never missed a gig. But there seems to be an ulterior motive behind this orchestrated legal attack to financially dismantle the family. It’s almost feels like somebody out there has a nasty grudge to repay.
What worries Lisa most, is that they appear to be doing their best to make good on it.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 7.6 – Grudge

  1. Awh I feel a little bad for Lisa. She’s having quiet a few inner conflicts and debates with herself. She’s going to have to speak up soon enough!

    Auburn Legacy
    New chapter on the legacy!


  2. Dear Zoxell,
    I have been reading your legacy for a while, and I have to say that I am hooked! I like your writing style, and love that there is more to this legacy than just “this person does this, and that person does that.” I also love how each heir is special and how you use their traits to create a personality totally unique, I love the use of scripture, and sometimes feel as if the characters are actually real people. Keep doing what you are doing!


  3. Oh no, seems like the family is getting into binds with leaving Grayswandir. Lisa seems to have alot of things worrying her, I hope that she manages to talk to Ben or Faith about them.


  4. o: Has anybody noticed Lisa’s eyes? What a beautiful colour. But besides that, I hope everything goes well for Lisa and she doesn’t get sucked into something (don’t pull a Hope on us, Lisa)!


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