Chapter 6.20 – Renewal

As chapter six comes to an end, I cannot help but feel a little guilty for cheating Ben out of nearly half his chapter. The whole thing seemed more focused upon Kacey and the “big picture” than Ben. Still, I feel that Ben’s story has turned out to be one of the more compelling ones.
For all the difficulty I put him through, Ben came out fairly unscathed. After meeting Lisa that night, the romance heated up very, very quickly. He was with her later that night to turn away the hung-over boyfriend. She moved into the Estate the very next morning. Ironically, the drummer Ben had been dating seemed to find the drunk guitarist to be more her type. She left Grayswandir to join him and the keyboard player in forming a new band. Meanwhile, Lisa and the drummer from her former band joined Grayswandir.
As much as chapter six has been about ending the “temporal loop” plot-line, its conclusion conjures up a sense of renewal. I had kept Doc away from Hope for the duration of the chapter, living alone in a little one-bedroom home; if for no other reason that to “simulate” his being missing. They now live together in a gigantic mansion (downloaded from the exchange) adjacent to the Barimen Estate. And though Hope is very close to becoming an elder, they evidently decided to make up for lost time.
As though the shake-up within Grayswandir had not caused enough of a tabloid feeding frenzy, Ben and Lisa quickly tie the knot a few short weeks after meeting each other. The paparazzi have a field day with the news that Lisa is pregnant. Speculation that she had been so before the wedding dominates the cover of every gossip rag in town.
Truthfully, becoming a mother had not been in her plans. Lisa had been overly careful with other boyfriends, almost to a point of paranoia, to avoid this exact scenario. The thought of having a baby scares her to death. Now it seems as though her career will never manage to get off of the ground. But there is something calming about living at the Barimen Estate. It is not anything she can put into words, but it is just a feeling that everything is under control.
There is an awkwardness about the whole situation, though. She is head-over-heals in love with Ben, but she barely knows him or his family. What she does know about them, she had read in magazines. Ben is the most attentive and loving man she has ever had the pleasure of knowing. Everything about him shows that he is happy and in love with her. Yet, there is a sense of ponderous sadness that oozes from him. Quite honestly, she is afraid to learn why.
Her mother-in-law’s easy demeanor has taken away much of the anxiety and fear about Ben and the pregnancy. Honestly, she has found Faith to be more of a best friend than a mother figure. This bond becomes even stronger when Faith can no longer hide the fact that she and Jimmy are expecting as well. Lisa knows it wasn’t planned, but she can still sense their excitement and joy as though they were twenty years younger.
Faith and Jimmy are the most incredible couple she has ever met. They share the honor of being top research scientists at the Barimen Science Center. He is funny and a little bit goofy, and she is as sharp as they come. Even after years of marriage, they appear to have maintained that newlywed intensity in their relationship.
If nothing else, life with the Barimens has given Lisa the opportunity to focus completely on music. All his other amazing qualities aside, it is the music she makes with Ben that sends her into the clouds. Their individual styles compliment each other perfectly when performing. Together, they pen more than a dozen songs before the big day arrives.
And arrive it does – Faith is first, early that morning;
then Lisa just a few hours later.
Jimmy and Faith bring home twin girls, Tina and Tanya.
Amber Barimen, the seventh generation heiress, arrives home shortly afterwards.
Author’s Note: Three generations of Barimens now have young children. This makes for a rather confusing family tree. To contrast all the birthing that had taken place; Mary (Mark’s sister and the last of David’s children) passed away shortly after the girls where born. She lived a long life and had a number of great-grandchildren of her own.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 6.20 – Renewal

  1. Awesome on the babies! How cool for all to be pregnant at once!! Speaking of pregnancy, hope your wife’s is going well!!

    Can’t wait to hear from the seventh generation heiress…I know you can just taste the ending!


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