Chapter 5 – Addendum

The recent past…
Khaliq approaches Kacey, being careful to make his presence known and not frighten her. The woman is nervous like a cat, and she has a unnearving sense that borders on paranoia. He has had to take exceedingly great caution in interacting with her. His mission to kill Mark Barimen became secondary when he learned the truth about this “Kacey”, and her special talent. Had he just simply killed Mark that night instead of agreeing to help the dark-skinned girl, none of this would have been possible. She is the key to making everything right. Khaliq wonders about the source from which he has obtained such good fortune. He likely does not want an honest answer that question, so he pushes it from his head while gently taking hold of her hand in an artificial gesture of affection.
His patience and flawless use of deception have earned him a great deal of trust. It has been difficult, pretending to care for this woman; bathing her with complements and lowering himself to show her pity. The reward for his determination has been great, however. He cannot pretend to understand her gift, but there is no need. Through careful redirection, he has learned that he must strike at exactly the right moment; when she hears the “voices”. It is the beginning of a process that will allow him to make right what was done wrong.
The conversation is concise and logical. He has studied her enough to know emotional appeal will not work. Charm, however, will work. He offers to be her companion during the journey she must take. He has already proven his loyalty by risking his life to save hers. And he has nothing here worth staying for. He can defend her, and provide her comfort when she is feeling alone.
She smiles sheepishly and blushes when he adds that he would run through a hundred crumbling caves to be in the company of such a beautiful and intelligent woman. He reaches his hand out for her to accept his offer. She is trembling for some unknown reason; but he simply does not care to learn about it. She MUST agree! Kacey reluctantly accepts his offer, against her better judgement.
They continue to share many close moments, but never her bed, until the day comes when Kacey informs him that it is time to leave. He is glad to hear the news, however. Because fighting against his weakness to feel desire for her has become more difficult with each passing day. This is a mission, and his deception is only part of its execution. He gives thanks that the end will soon be near.
She has instructed him to meet her at the beach below the Barimen Estate, late one evening. When Khaliq arrives, Kacey surprises him by whispering her gratitude, then rewards him with a soft kiss on the lips. She knows she shouldn’t, but she does it anyway. She fights against the sinking feeling that something is terribly wrong. Khaliq has made her feel like a real sim again, and not just an instrument. If he were not David’s grandson, she could easily fall in love with him; or perhaps she could despite the fact. In her confusion and uncertainty, she finds herself kissing Khaliq passionately. She wants more; she wants him …right now.
But just as quickly as the mood strikes her, it leaves again. The voices that have been absent for so long have finally returned. And they are not happy. They are screaming in her head so loudly that she is instantly disoriented. Grabbing her temples, she reaches out for Khaliq for support. But he is not there. She stumbles a few steps before falling to her knees. Something is wrong; the voices are not just panicked. They are hysterical. It lasts a few, intense minutes; but she cannot understand what they are telling her. Finally, Khaliq returns carrying something wrapped in heavy linens.
It is a military assault weapon; a big one. He is pointing it at her. She finally understands what the voices are saying to her, but it is too late. Reid’s artifact is at his feet, and he is demanding that she take him to the place in time before Rakim Hasan walks out on him and his mother. He will kill Rakim at the training camp, and expose him to be Mark Barimen. In doing so, his mother’s life will be spared.
(see Chapter 4.14)
Kacey’s already broken spirit sheds it’s remaining splinters of dignity. She trusted Kahliq …she loved him. Even if she were willing to do what he asks, the new computations would take weeks. Anger, shame, and grief finally prevail as her will to continue living a tortured life evaporates.
She accepts what has come to pass, and embraces the final outcome. Although paralyzed with fear, she still manages to utter the word, No. A wry smile tugs at the corner of her lips as she senses that her life is seconds away from ending.
It begins as a whisper in the back of her mind, not unlike the voices she has heard during her journey. But it is not those voices, however. It his just her own inner voice. Is it …a prayer?
She is reminded, suddenly, of a lost child desperately looking for her parent. She cries out, begging for Him to find her; to hear her.  As the sound of igniting gunpowder erupts, she is calmed by a spontaneous understanding that the Father has also been calling out for His lost child. She had just always chosen not to listen. It is the healing power of perfect love that empowers her once again. In less time than it takes for the bullet to leave the barrel; the new computations are complete.
There is no target to hit as the weapon falls onto the sand, and the deadly projectile drops harmlessly, somewhere out into the calm seawater.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – Addendum

  1. Curiouser and curiouser…I wonder just where Kacey went? I’m assuming Kahliq didn’t succeed in killing her (at least I hope not!) and just what that’s going to mean for the rest of the family when they inevitably find out what happened.

    You always know just what to put to keep me on the edge of my seat. 😀


  2. It’s an Epilogue…does that mean it’s done?

    I get the impression that with Kasey’s death, the loops stopped. But Kahliq is also gone, so I’m not sure. Maybe both of them were the anomalies. But that means that Doc is alone and that he and Hope never got together. That’s sad.


    1. Kacey has proved to be nigh-impossible to get rid of. I wouldn’t count her out quite yet …though there does seem to be quite a little sticky problem developing. Though in hindsight, Epilogue may have been somewhat misleading. It was meant to be an Epilogue for Chapter 5 only…
      That’s what you get when mix a programmer together with creative writing, heh. 😛


  3. I loved the ending there! I love how, in desperation, Kacey returned to the one who would love her for her — something no sim in her life seems to have ever done. This was an amazing, powerful chapter…I am, however, curious about the outcome of the Barimen family. I know Kacey has disappeared, but so has Khaliq — and he was Mark’s child. Does this mean Hope is no more? And subsequently, Faith? This is all so mind-boggling and intriguing — kudos to you for coming up with all of this!! I never could have!

    I hope you manage to get another update put soon — I can’t wait!


    1. Thanks snips!

      Again, this has been a fun chapter to write. Any time I get to reveal more of the underlying plotline, it makes for a good writing experience!

      As you might expect, I left the whole thing open ended deliberately. I’m a sucker for suspense… 😉


  4. You are such an incredible writer! There is even more suspense now than in the beginning, so many questions I need to know the answer to! The ending to this was amazing.
    Took me a while to catch up, but I cant wait for the next chapters!


  5. As often as I chastise myself for not keeping up with your story, I think it’s good. It gives me more to read when I do visit your website 😉 I’m hooked with the underlying plots the Barimen family has! I can’t wait to find out more 😀


  6. Sorry for not commenting in a long time, i’ve really been caught up! However I’ve caught up with all your chapter and I must say all of them are filled with so much drama and suspense. I can’t wait for when generation 6 will begin!

    PS theres a new chapter on my blog, can you comment on it?


  7. I love this legacy. 🙂 I’ve read it all the way up from the beginning and never commented until now. It’s so complex! And I love your imagery, so involved. Especially the church, I’d love to find out whether or not you’ve made it publically available yet…


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