Chapter 5.15 – Drill

Mark’s birthday celebration is complicated somewhat by the spotlight that has been shined on him over the past weeks.
His career as a “private” investigator has become rather public after apprehending a number of high-profile criminals, followed by a public retirement from police work. It was only a matter of time before details of his previous career became the focus of public fascination. Once reporters broke open the story that Mark had been held captive overseas, his celebrity status skyrocketed. Dozens of journalists flooded into Al Simhara to investigate the story and interview the locals who live scattered throughout the rugged and mountainous region.
The danger involved in journeying into the areas still controlled by violent insurgents has limited the information available to reporters. As a result, much of Mark’s classified work still remains secret. But damage has already been done. The Police, together with government agents, have already intercepted a number of vengeful extremists looking to punish Mark as an infidel. This weighs somewhat heavily on him as he joins Mei in the next stage of his sim-life.
Of course, he shares none of this with either Hope or Faith. It has been a roller-coaster ride with the two younger women in the house. Faith had met and befriended a vagrant while volunteering at the church’s soup kitchen. Now Hope has also befriended him, and what’s more, is that this “Doc” now seems to be a live-in boyfriend. Mark harbors no ill will toward the young man. On the contrary, he is a very diligent worker in his new position at the Barimen Science & Research Center; brilliant, actually. He is gracious and polite, and has never spoken so much as a harsh word during his stay. More importantly, Hope finally seems to have found her true love.
Mark makes it a point to take Hope aside during the birthday celebration and reassure her that he does not disapprove of her relationship with “Doc”. But he does ask her to consider what kind of man would allow himself to exist in the condition in which he was found. His biggest concern is that if the young man cannot stand on his own two feet, then what kind of husband and father will he make for her family.
Hope is appreciative of her father’s concern. She had actually had the same conversation with herself the night she found Doc standing in the entryway. Her first thought was of Michael Nava, who endured an abusive and poverty ridden childhood. But where Michael allowed himself to become consumed by his past, Doc is somehow able to take his past in stride.
That is what she loves about him. His perpetually optimistic outlook is a breath of fresh air. It was only his poor judge of personalities that landed him with Jared Wiley; a cowardly little crook of a man. Pausing for a moment, she boasts to her father that Doc is a special kind of brilliant, and will some day do something amazing.
Mark hugs his daughter and commends her for turning her own life around; a feat she is not given nearly enough credit for. They turn their attention to Faith; who together with Jimmy, is monopolizing Doc’s time. Hope laughs and admits that it is like having three kids. Mark nods and privately thinks the same thought as Hope, that they are both already part of the family. Hope makes an offhand comment that Doc is scared stiff of Mark, and would love to hear from “the man” himself that he is accepted. After a short pause, Mark smiles, winks, and tells Hope that a little fear never hurt anybody.
The party winds down as guests begin to leave the estate. Doc sits with Faith and Jimmy talking about some of his ideas for inventions, feeling thankful that he was not thrust into Hope’s limelight. Actually, both Faith and Jimmy are quite good company. Sure, they’re just kids, but they really “get” the stuff he talks about. Most folks would rather watch paint dry before listening to his theories.
As night sets in, Doc explains that he been able to recreate his machine to measure the “temporal loop”, and also has improved upon its design, thanks to the resources available in the science lab. In a hushed voice, he divulges has been able to pinpoint the epicenter of the anomaly. It lies beneath an old mine, here in Sunset Valley, that has been sealed off by the military. What’s odd, is that any record of the mine’s existence has been wiped clean from City Hall archives and Library records. Well, not wiped clean, actually. Probably destroyed to cover up some kind of military operation. Not the guns and bombs military, of course. Something more like secret military science experiments of some kind; but nothing with bug-eyed aliens or UFO cover-ups. Not to say those don’t exist. Actually, if there ever were a UFO coverup, it probably would be the military doing it for weapons research…
Faith clears her throat to bring Doc back on track. She prompts him again by reminding him that he was telling them about his “temporal loop”. Doc’s eyes roll up as if searching his mind for the topic he had been on moments ago. Having regained his train of thought, he smiles and says that there may be no way to get past the massive concrete and steel reinforced barrier at the mine’s entrance. He can actually do better than the main entrance. He can drill a hole to the exact spot where the anomaly is centered, thousands of feet from the barrier…
…and nearly five hundred feet below ground.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 5.15 – Drill

  1. Zoxell,

    Snips here! I would like you to know how much I love your blog. I’ve been reading for about two months now, but I’ve only just created a WordPress account. Along with tipix7’s “The Chouette Legacy,” you’ve inspired me to write a Sims 3 story. I’m in high school and I don’t have a ton of free time, but I do love to write, and I think this is going to be a great experience. I actually just published the first chapter a bit ago. If you’re interested, here’s the link:

    Anyway, I don’t want to just advertise my blog. I want to tell you how awesome your story is. It’s one of my favorites and I LOVE checking and seeing you have a new update. It’s just great. I actually found you through FortA’s blog, Acorns to Oaks (I think it’s been deleted…), and I keep waiting anxiously for every new chapter 🙂 You truly have a gift for writing, and I don’t know if people tell you that often enough.

    Also, I’m a Christian, too! It’s so great to see another Christian gamer writing a blog with references to traditional, Christian values. I’m going to try to do the same in mine. There aren’t many of us blogging, but for those of us that are, glorifying God should a major theme. And you’re doing a great job with that!

    I hope you’ll visit my site if you get the time. In the meantime, keep up the good work!



    1. Thanks Snips! It is quite a compliment to be compared to either FortA or Tipix, so thank you! I am glad you’re enjoying this little hobby of mine! I’m thrilled to meet another Christian gamer! Keeping Christian values in the story without being overtly religious is quite a challenge. My aim is to make it an enjoyable read for everybody, while still sharing the Word of God in a very subtle way.


  2. I’m not very religious which I guess would explain why I didn’t see the religious values in there. So if it’s not overly obvious to me, I would say you acheived your goal, my friend. Mind if I add you to my blogroll? I’ve been reading for a while and just recently fell behind. I started reading just in the middle of Mark’s chapter and I’ve missed quite a bit of Faith and have been reading her chapter all day. Back on track, my blogroll?? Consider it and reply at as I am sure I will not remember to check for a reply. I’m such an absent-minded sim!


    1. I completely understand! I am so looking forward to the end of February when my commitment to Cub Scouts begins to ease up quite a bit. The period between August and February is just non-stop with kids activities. I try to do some reading at work, but it’s tricky business using the internet for non-work related tasks lately. I’ll be sure to add you to my blogroll as well!


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