Chapter 5.7 – Confusion

One great thing about best friends, is that they’re always willing to look past the small gaffes that sometimes cause problems in other relationships.
Faith apologizes to Jimmy immediately as they get on the road back to Sunset Valley. He shrugs his shoulders and suggests that he has no idea what she is talking about, then changes the subject back to his widget, and the amazing little shop filled with old pieces, parts, salvage, and gadgets.
After a very long and tense break in the conversation, Faith declares that she has absolutely no right to feel lacking in anything. There are few sims fortunate enough to lead a life as charmed and blessed as hers. In an odd kind of way, it seem as if she is arguing against herself in some internal debate competition. Faith is as strong as she is smart, but for the first time since Jimmy has known her, she reveals a side of herself that quite likely, nobody has ever seen. Though her face and voice remain steady and unwavering, the tears she is trying to hide by turning her head are unmistakable. He knows better than to make a big issue out of it. But he also knows that it is a big issue.
The appearance of a small creek-fed lake and a small park presents the perfect excuse for him to make a quick stop. Faith is thankful for the good timing, because she was beginning to grow increasingly uncomfortable. He goes off into the woods to “water a tree” while Faith wanders near the lakeshore. She contemplates what is it about Doc that brings out such raw emotion in her. It is almost as if she knows and loves Doc; not in THAT kind of way, but in a family kind of way. It doesn’t make any sense at all.
Taking a seat next to her on an old wooden bench, Jimmy asks if she is ready to get back on the road. Faith shakes her head, but still cannot put her thoughts into words. It frustrates her to no end. Math problems, computer glitches, and expert hackers all pose little challenge to her. But this stupid little emotional blip has her bound up in knots.
Since she was a little girl, she has prayed for and dreamed about having a dad. Grandpa Mark has been the coolest and most amazing grandfather any girl could ever want. But it just isn’t the same. There have been some guys in her mother’s life, but they all turn out to be jerks who only want money, woohoo, or both. Sometimes she is not sure which hurts more, not having a dad, or knowing what difficulty her mother has been through in finding the right man to settle down with. Jimmy can only listen in stunned silence as she bares her soul. He would have never guessed that this was a problem. Regardless, he still doesn’t understand what this has to do with the weird guy at the scrap yard.
Curiosity eventually gets the best of Jimmy, and he asks about him. Faith tells the story about the night Doc visited the soup kitchen, and how she and Mark took him to the gym to clean up. Doc had worked only a couple of weeks at the book store, where he proved to be one of the hardest workers her grandfather had ever seen. Then he just quit and vanished.
Still a bit confounded, Jimmy asks about her weird announcement, asserting that he is not her boyfriend. When Faith’s answer doesn’t come immediately, he wonders if maybe he has taken the issue too far. He has never seen her so vulnerable before. Maybe she likes older men? Creepy, older, homeless men who hang around in soup kitchens and junkyards? As if reading his mind, Faith scolds that it is not what he thinks. The confusion is evident in her voice as Faith confides her thoughts about Doc to her best friend. No matter how impossible or bizarre it sounds, she cannot shake the feeling that Doc is somehow family.
With the threat of tears now gone, Faith apologizes for being such a newb. Jimmy laughs, which allows an involuntary giggle to escape past her otherwise somber mood. She thanks him for being such an amazing friend, then punches him playfully in the arm when he agrees in feigned arrogance. The next words out of her mouth are unplanned and mostly unconscious. She tells him that being his girlfriend would not be a bad thing, despite what she said earlier.
Still smiling, Jimmy agrees that it wouldn’t be all that bad. But the relationship they have already, beats any of the silly boyfriend/girlfriend nonsense that goes on at school by a longshot. He quickly adds that she is the last thing he thinks about before going to sleep at night, and the first thing he thinks about in the morning when waking up. But why mess up something so perfect while they can still be kids? Then, in his best melodramatic villain voice, he wrings his hands together and schemes that he’s not letting her out of his clutches any time soon.
Faith shakes her head and rolls her eyes. Jimmy is such a geek. And that is exactly why she loves him so much.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 5.7 – Confusion

  1. I’m glad she’s with Jimmy, and that Doc is more “family.” Like Jimmy, I was a little worried for a second 🙂 It is strange that she feels like Doc is family. Though that may just show how easily she connected with him, knowing you, I’m sure there’s much more to it – we just have to wait and see!

    And might I say that your little info widget intrigues me. I love learning more about the mysterious, over-arching plot line. I know it’s going to take 10 generations to resolve, but I can hardly wait 🙂


  2. Hmm…so shes not attracted to Doc that way, but in a more of a family way. Cant say Im a little sad to hear cause he did seem a little too old for her. Her little ‘no boyfriend’ slip made me think different. :]
    I like Jimmy and Im glad we got to see her open up and reveal her worries to him. Gave their relationship more meaning and not just best friends..but really best friends in every sense of the word.


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