Chapter 5.1 – Charity

Faith continues to cruise through her childhood, enjoying the prolonged calm gracing the Barimen household.
While it may seem that nothing much of interest is happening during these years, they may actually be the most important for Faith. The family’s wealth has mounted as investments seem to flourish whenever the Barimen name is attached. Hope has turned the Bistro into a major success, with sims traveling from all over the world just for the dining experience, alone. Rubbing elbows with some of the most rich and famous sims on the planet seems a very natural thing for her. Before long, she is on friendly terms with a number of celebrities and simoleonaires.
Despite the success, Hope is surprisingly adept at keeping herself grounded. There have been men seeking to be with Hope, but only for Tinseltown style affairs. There may have been a time when Hope would have jumped at such an opportunity. But things are different now; she is different now. Hope refuses to allow her newfound fame to interfere in her primary responsibility; being a good parent to Faith (who has been adorable in her role as mini-matchmaker).
Mother and daughter spend much of their time together; Hope talking about her brushes with fame, and Faith talking about her victories in the math club. It is an odd sight as they shop together in fancy boutiques, discussing the best applications for the quadratic equation. Hope obviously has no clue what Faith is talking about. And likewise, Faith mostly tunes out the overly dramatized version of her mother’s encounters with the rich and famous. Yet, they both somehow manage to enjoy the time spent together more than anything else.
The only time things become weird is when her classmates from around town chat with Hope while completely ignoring Faith. It honestly doesn’t bother her though. Most of those kids are idiots anyways. Becky Barnes is one perfect example. She is widely recognized around town as the smartest girl in Sunset Valley. Granted, her IQ is disgusting; but for all her brainpower, she lacks creativity. Faith is definitely smart, but in a different way.  She does not possess any kind of raw genius or a monster IQ. Rather, it is her ability to think around a problem that sets her apart.
Her victory over Becky at the last math tournament can be attributed almost completely to creative problem solving (not to mention a huge measure of luck). Poor Becky had herself a prima donna hissy fit when Faith finished first and five points ahead of her. Unfortunately for Becky, Hope has no mind for math, and Faith’s rival is drawn helplessly into a long conversation about Hope’s dinner service to a famous movie star.
All this stuff combined helps Faith to build amazing skills and confidence during her childhood. But it is not math, computers, or even the unique bond she shares with Hope that defines Faith’s character.
In much the same manner as her grandfather, Faith is driven by her passion for justice. She insists upon joining Mark on his charity missions to fund and assist nearby soup kitchens.The work is not terribly difficult. She washes dishes mostly, while Mark helps to prepare and serve food. She doesn’t see squalor, or helplessness, or even tragedy. Looking past their often filthy clothes and sometimes off-putting demeanors; she reaches out to each sim with dignity.
And though she expects nothing in return for her efforts, it is the very nature of  her overt kindness that will one day lead to an impossible discovery; changing the course of her life, and the lives of those around her.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 5.1 – Charity

  1. Oh, the foreshadowing is killing me! If this were a book, I’d be flipping through the pages like a madwoman to see what was going to happen next.

    Wonderful update. Again, Faith and Hope’s relationship is stunningly portrayed.


  2. I like the way you’ve written a ‘good’ Sim. I don’t feel like I’ve ever managed it well. I also can’t wait to find out how her life will change. I love the foreshadowing.


  3. Aww, Faith is such a darling. I am so anticipating the next chapter. The hints and foreshadowing are killing me! I wanna know whats gonna happen and what will be discovered…..


  4. I love Faith’s story 🙂 It’s great. Sorry I’m behind on reading – I’m so very busy these days!

    It is so nice to see the Barimens enjoying a generation of calm. After all they’ve endured in the past, it seems they deserve it!!

    You’re doing an excellent job with the new heiress so far! Like the others, the foreshadowing is killing me; however, it is beautifully done and I can’t wait to see where it takes us 🙂


    P.S. – Because of some personal things, I decided to make the Oaks a Three-Generational Sims 3 Story, and thus, I have completed it (my first completed project – sort of!). I plan to start a traditional, ten-generational legacy sometime soon. I had some bad experiences writing the Oaks, and it seemed they were a constant reminder; also, I just didn’t have a “feel” for the family anymore. However, I’m going to leave the site up as a completed story, so you don’t have to worry about it being deleted. If you’re interested, I’ll give you a link when I start the legacy.

    Thanks, and great job once more!


  5. I am so behind on reading at this point, I feel I may have to just pick up again in the middle of some stories. Really tough, because I very much enjoy the creativity some of the writers have. The time of year between August and February is non-stop with our kids’ activities.
    Thanks for taking the time to drop by and comment. I’m sorry you’re struggling with issues in your writing. Perhaps it is all part of His plan? Our prayers will continue to go out to you. Good luck with the new blog, shoot me the link when you’re able.


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