Chapter 5 – Faith

Faith Barimen is not a typical ten year-old girl.
There is nothing outlandishly strange or unusual about her, really. She does very well in school and is the kind of kid that most teachers want to clone. She’s polite, happy, and an all-around good kid. But it is the particular group of friends she best identifies with, that really sets her apart. Most kids would rather die a slow, agonizing death than be associated with this misunderstood bunch. These are the kids who plays chess at lunch, and do math problems for fun. They are a very diverse group of sims, who all share a common badge they wear proudly. The fact of the matter, is that Faith is what many would refer to as “a nerd”.
Faith’s clock just ticks differently. Generations of Barimens before her have shared a mutual love of fishing. It is not that she holds anything in particular against it. On the upside, she does enjoy the time spent together with her family. But it definitely is not her favorite thing.
There is a particular activity that really gets her brain buzzing, however. And one doesn’t have to look very far to discover what that thing is. She had been given a laptop computer for her birthday, and it hasn’t been idle for very long since. She’ll sometimes burn an entire day online playing games with friends. It doesn’t seem like much of a big deal to her, but her mother sometimes wonders if she spends too much time “plugged in”.
Hope does an amazing job as a single parent, and there is rarely a dull moment when Faith spends time with her. Her mother is always is funny, active, and seems to be able to talk forever. Faith, on the other hand is quiet, observant, and thoughtful. The two of them together is really quite a contrast. But no matter how giddy Hope may seem, there is absolutely no mistaking that she is the watchful mother hen. Faith sometimes thinks her mother is being too protective, but at the same time, loves her all the more because of it.
Faith sometimes dreams about her mother and father getting together. But based on what she has heard about the company her mother kept, he probably wouldn’t be much of a father. Still, she wants her mother to finally find her “Mr. Right”. Faith sometimes feels that she might be getting in the way of that endeavour, and often drops subtle hints, suggesting her mother spending time “out” with friends. But even Faith knows that Hope sometimes needs a lot more than subtlety to make the “lightbulb” go off.
So for the time being, Faith is perfectly content with being pampered and cherished by her family consisting of Momma, Grandma, and Grandpa
And even though it is perfect enough, keeping an eye out for “Dad” may just make it slightly more perfect, still.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – Faith

  1. Cute, Faith is such a little darling – so observant! I wonder if there really is a ‘Mr. Right’ for Hope, however. She’s a rather flighty thing. Look forward to hearing more about this mother/daughter pair.


  2. Hey Zoxell! Amazing job with your introduction the new heiress. There is such a depth to her, one that is not usually seen in child heiresses. Great job!

    I love how different she is from her mother as it really speaks to the true personality disparities that often exist between parents and children.

    Sorry this comment is lacking – I just didn’t have much time 😦


  3. I love that shes a little nerd….and I love how sweet and caring she is of others. I feel for her wanting a father, I think its great though that they didnt keep her in the dark about what type of person her father might be.


    1. Gotta love that she’s a gamer girl! Haha!
      Not having a dad will definitely be a driving factor in her personality. It will bring a couple of very unlikely sims together, as well 😉


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