Chapter 3.?? – Voices

Some days are better than others. Today is a good day. The pain that had been a constant companion has finally subsided, and the noise in her mind seems to be subdued. She is able to begin moving her arms and legs. Her internal injuries have somehow healed, and she can once again flex her abdominal muscles without causing more damage. She still has no recollection of how she ended up here, but the name of her doctor seems to cause some reaction deep in the recesses of her jumbled mind. David Barimen; the name seems like it should be familiar.
You should go now.
Again, the same voices she has been hearing, soothing her pain; keeping her alive. The voices saved her sanity, if not her life. But she feels weak and scared. She doesn’t know where she is, where to go, or even who she is. And what about David? Shouldn’t she stay and find out why his name is so familiar? It might help her remember…
You MUST leave. If you are found awake, we cannot help you.
The voices seem almost panicked. They have always been so soothing before, but now they are frightening her.
…please, Kacey. You must leave now.
Kacey …her name is Kacey Kimura …and David …the legacy
Author’s Note: If you’re not sure what’s going on, check out 

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 3.?? – Voices

    1. She was in the caves when the “accident” from Chapter 3.7 happened. The next chapter will begin to clear things up (but only just a little). Hehe


  1. You leave a cliffhanger one chapter and the next chapter it’s cleared up but then immediately there is another cliffhanging problem! I love this writing! I am so far behind in your chapters but I thought I’d comment on this one. I’m anticipating Mei’s return. How do you pronounce her name? Is it like May or is it…????


  2. I figured it was pronounced “my” as in “mei-tai”, but “may” does sound better.
    tomayto, tomahto… (you know the rest). Hehe.


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