Chapter 3.7 – Shrapnel

Military officials at Fort Gnome are confirming that seismic activity under Sunset Valley is being blamed for the collapse of an underground research facility.
Trauma teams were dispatched to the base early this morning, where numerous soldiers were treated in triage tents and transported to Sacred Spleen. Sources from within Fort Gnome indicate that a number of scientists from Landgraab Labs were also found among the dead and injured. David Barimen of Summerhill, a world-renowned surgeon, treated many of the injured. It is a fine bit of irony, as Dr. Barimen was rescued by Fort Gnome personnel from a spelunking accident fifteen years ago that claimed the life of promising Landgraab scientist Reid Kimura…
David calmly puts the newspaper down and attempts to regroup from a long night of life saving and loss. If he were not so exhausted, his over-excitability would be in full gear. He treated many soldiers and sewed many of them back up. Some of them were unable to be saved. Whatever happened in their underground lab was not a collapse. Based upon what David had seen, leads him to guess there was some kind of explosion. And the thousands of shards of shrapnel he removed tonight would agree with him. Fort Gnome was hard at work covering up what really happened, however. They had sent over military doctors to “assist” and conveniently collect the shrapnel before it left the operating room. David did not realize what had occurred until after the crisis had ended, and all evidence had been spirited away.
David thinks back to the night Reid attacked him in the abandoned mine. Fort Gnome had sent personnel out to extract him, and then promptly sealed the entrance with reinforced concrete and a metal security barrier. They really didn’t want people going in there. He had chalked it up to public safety and forgot about it. Until now. He can still hear Reid’s words in his head as clearly as if he were standing beside him. He had boasted to David about finding something David’s family had been hiding for generations …but what?
David wearily makes his way to bed after pressing his tired lips against Ciara’s cheek. She tells him how proud she is of his work to save so many lives. He mumbles his thanks, then drifts off, wondering if today’s event was somehow connected to Reid, the abandoned mine, and his ancestors.
Meanwhile… Mark and Charlotte bolt for the beach immediately after school. They have been making it a daily stop after class; usually just to hang out, toss the football, and make out under the palm trees.
After having a drink from the juice bar, they head to the shore and begin fishing while exchanging a lively conversation about nothing in particular. The time passes quickly, and Mark begins thinking about taking up their favorite spot under the palm trees. The happy thought is quickly erased as Charlotte lets out a sharp squeal of suprise as he is pushed face down into the surf.
Mark leaps up, his face red with embarrassment. Still facing Charlotte, he begins to protest at her, but sees the telltale look of fear on her face; her eyes fixed on a point behind him. Mark turns and grimaces. He narrows his eyes and sizes up his odds.
Ali and his friends have come to pay them a visit.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 3.7 – Shrapnel

  1. When I do some of these scripted scenes, I take a copy of my main game and move the sims I want to use into the household. These three knuckleheads were actually custom made for the story. The two dark-haired boys are brothers who live on the “bad” side of town. Their last name is Long, but I can’t remember their first name offhand. Ali is also a custom sim, and he’s got a “special” place in the legacy.


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