Chapter 1.15 – Crossroads

…a child …HIS child
He has come full circle now. He understands that he has been guided to this place; to Bebe. And he was shown his own ugly past for the sole purpose of preparing him for this moment. But despite all the strides he has made over the weeks, he is not ready for this. He can understand Bebe’s hesitation in telling him.
The deeds of his past open up like a book in front of him. He can see every broken family, every jilted lover, every callous rejection of friendship. It has lead him down a desolate road. And the way ahead does not appear to improve. He is starkly aware that while Bebe may the only friend he has ever known, there is one thing for certain. If he continues down the road, she will not be his only enemy.
He has been many different things to many different people. Never once was it anything good. How could he provide for Bebe and this child? He is  a wanted criminal. Does he even possess the fathering instinct? Won’t he screw up completely like his own father? He struggles to think of something to say. But it is only when his mind locks up that the words seemingly speak themselves. He is not expecting to hear himself say it, and Bebe is deeply, instantly effected by it. Regardless, this crossroads becomes forged in both their minds, thus changing their relationship permanently.
It is not the choice of words that makes the impact, but the manner in which they are spoken. There is a sense about these things, when the soul is made bare and true feelings are as plainly visible as the nose on one’s face. He speaks from the spirit, with no embellishment or polish; no effort made to soften the landing. And the significance of this is not lost on Bebe. But she still cannot hide the effect his words have on her.
“I love you”

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