Chapter 1.7 – Infidelity

I have been saving two of Julian’s wishes for this post; to fight Hank, and have WooHoo with Pauline. I thought they would make for a revealing continuation to the Hank/Pauline subplot.
Many days have passed since Julian’s encounter with the couple, and Julian learns that they have since reconciled and had a baby. Since the concept of family carries very little meaning in Julian’s life, he has no problem getting past the moral consequences of what he is about to do. Plus, he knows that both Hank and Pauline share the same commitment issues as he. And the times he has spotted Pauline in public, they share knowing glances from a distance.
He has managed to elude law enforcement after his first visit to the police station, so his unannounced visit to their home comes as a surprise to Hank. At first, he tries to keep Julian away from Pauline with small talk. But Julian shuts him down and seeks her out. He wastes no time in letting her know why he’s come over.
The temptation is too much for Pauline, whose convictions are shaky to begin with, and she eagerly welcomes Julian’s advances. She walks past Hank, seemingly oblivious that he is even present, and leads Julian to the bedroom. And one of Julian’s wishes is granted.
Julian stays longer than expected, and wakes up in the morning beside a sleeping Pauline. He dresses and goes downstairs to find Hank waiting for him. Julian smiles at the thought of the oaf sleeping on the couch. He immediately pokes a finger in Julian’s chest, and Julian returns the sentiment. Julian doesn’t even have to pick the fight to fulfill his next wish.
The weeks of physical training required for his line of work pays off, and Julian deposits Hank on the floor. In the meantime, Pauline has awoken and come to see what the commotion is about. Julian kisses her and explains how he was attacked by Hank, and asks how she is able to tolerate such a pathetic waste. And with the iron still hot, he cunningly suggests that she break up with him.
And she does.
For vindictive is the husband’s wrath, he will have no pity on the day of vengeance -Prov 6:34

4 thoughts on “Chapter 1.7 – Infidelity

  1. OMG!!! In my Legacy it was the other way round, I asked Hank to break up with Pauline! And they had had a little girl called Sunshine Wan… Who looks like Bebe now! Our Legacys really tie into each other!!!


  2. Ohmigosh! Im stunned…Julian is beyond words!
    I cant believe Paulina has so little morals/respect…if not for her husband at least for the child that has blossomed between them.


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