Chapter 1.2 – Crime

Julian wants to spend all of his time fishing. But since that would make for some pretty tedious story telling, I push him along to begin accumulating some wealth. When he returns to the beach from his first day of “work” as a thug, he finds that he is not entirely alone. An attractive young lady sim practicing chess on the beach has found her way into Julian’s sights.
I imagine she, like Julian, enjoys her favorite passtime surrounded by the hypnotic crashing of the waves on the shore. But she would have been better off practicing somewhere else tonight. For Julian, it’s almost too easy. First, get to know her a little better, find out where she lives, gain her trust, then rob her blind.
The formula had worked so many times in the past. His “Huck” Finn charm and ragged good looks had always drawn suspicion away from him. So as the night crept on, Julian crept in. A quick visit to his fence at the warehouse after the deed, and Julian was few hundred simoleons richer.
Financial planning is not one of Julian’s better traits, though, so he goes on a spending spree. After a quick shower at the public pool, he eats out, has a few drinks, a few more drinks, and heads to work feeling pretty pleased about himself.
But the feeling doesn’t last long.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 1.2 – Crime

  1. Julian seems to be very interesting, cant wait to learn more about him! Keep up the great work. I’ve added a whole new chapter to my legacy, would u mind checking it out? =)


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