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Legacy Recap

Keep up to date with posts I’ve made to my various ongoing plots.
June 21, 2016

The Stacpoole Legacy- Paradise with Thunderstorms.
Skyler has enlisted the help of her father, Warren to assist Benita with safely returning to Isla Paradiso. Benita begins to question whether there is any real danger. If she’s wrong, as Warren suggests, she could end up another fatality on Alfonzo Taxmoore’s grudge list.
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The Donblas Lineage – The Conversion of Cole:
After digging a little bit deeper we find that Cole is not as shallow as he leads everybody to believe. What is he hiding? Also, a rescue mission of sorts. Read Cole’s latest
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Found Story Focus

There are dozens of legacies out in the internet wild, but there are only a handful that stand out as exceptional in my mind. This is where I’ll highlight those great finds.
August 2015 Focus: The Lee Legacy

Mike’s Bookshelf

I love reading as much as I love writing. Here’s what I’m reading right now!
Lonesome Dove: A Novel

From thy Bounty

Inspirational blogs, quotes, homilies, prayers, and bible verses that inspire and motivate me every day.
Catholicism and Socialism? Incompatible.

The desire of many to appear good without actually doing anything good is a line of thinking that lends itself to Sanders campaign. Pumping money into government welfare programs and education seemingly does what many people are unwilling to do themselves—assist the poor, hungry, sick, and marginalized.
Kate Fugate

#FultonFridays: The Sanctity of Life

The assault on life is all the more demonic because it so often operates in the dark – the darkness of the womb. As long as there are no witnesses except willing cooperators, it claims that moral immunity of other crimes that are done in the dead of night.
Fulton J. Sheen

Engaging Gay Activists on Campus: A Primer

Finally, I noticed something about me: I was a lot like Eve. The Bible promised understanding after obedience, not the other way around (John 7:17). That stopped me in my tracks: Did I want to understand why homosexuality was a sin from God’s point of view, or did I just want to argue with Him? After two years of this, the Bible got to be bigger than me. It overflowed into my world.
Rosaria Butterfield