Chapter 8.25 – Running

He has been running and hiding for at least a year.
He sensed almost immediately after murdering his daughter, Sandi, that something was wrong. He had anticipated instant gratification for his accomplishment. But instead, he became aware that he had failed yet again.
So he ran. And he continued to run, hiding with the rats and the other vermin; sustaining himself on the stuff they left behind.
But there is no hiding from something so wicked as Corwin.
He has proved to be spectacularly incompetent, in spite of the advantages he had paid so dearly to acquire. Sadly, he must now pay his debt in-full. And the Beast always comes to collect in person.
Perhaps he will succeed at being a decent chew toy.
Though it is doubtful.
A grizzly and entertaining death is exactly what Corwin needed to improve his foul mood. That, and another debt collected. A chilling wind blows through the city’s murky underbelly as Corwin’s lips curl into a malicious smile. Even the reaper knows not to interfere.
There truly is plenty to smile about. Opportunity has again thrown herself at him like a smut-drunk lover, desperate for yet another lurid and raunchy affair. And while each previous copulation with fate has been mildly entertaining, there is something special about this particular rendezvous that promises to be grossly satisfying.
This time, it’s family.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 8.25 – Running

  1. Corwin is going to tempt Noah. Damn him (literally). I hope that Luke and Adam can be strong. I also believe that good can triumph over evil. Hopefully Noah can be saved.


  2. Hello! I just wanted to comment, (which I never had a chance to do on an Ipod) about how I found your blog in 2012. And honestly this became one of my favorite stories. I loved the characters, the writing was something I could only dream to achieve, and the story was so interesting! I am so excited to finally be able to tell you, because I couldn’t before. I don’t know if you are going to continue this story, but either way, Thank you. So much. You might never see this, but you were an inspiration to me. Now, I’m working on my own stories (the ones you write on paper and keep to yourself). Well, bye now.


    1. Thanks! I am glad you found this story and that it inspired you. Kacey’s story is complete, though I do have some other stories in the back of my head where she and Adam may have some play. Finding the time is really my biggest hurdle at the moment. I wish you the best of luck with your own writing. I know it was a great outlet for me to express my passions and frustrations in life. Take care and God bless!


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