Chapter 5.8 – Loop

Well, not technically broken; but definitely bent. Some kind of anomaly, really. But certainly not good.
The timestream only moves forward. It is an unbreakable law of quantum physics. But its path is being bent like a section of pipe, perhaps in an effort to intersect itself so that two points meet. No, it’s a terrible analogy. Far too simple to accurately explain what is happening. But good enough to get the idea across.
The discovery explains quite a bit, actually. Somebody has been tinkering with time. Well, not tinkering, really. More like tampering. The energy required must be astronomical. Far too dangerous to attempt. Unless they somehow tapped into the Event; the Big Kaboom. The energy is still there; most of it anyway. But the knowledge of how to harness it has been long forgotten. Probably more accurate to say it has been eradicated. Either way, the knowledge is gone.
Time, space, energy; it’s all the same, just different points on the spectrum. But how is this being accomplished? Maybe shooting something through the timestream REALLY fast, would bend it as it travels through. The computations required would have to be truly staggering. It is such an odd concept, moving forward toward the past; just a loop in the timestream to let two points meet. Brilliant, really. But why?
All evidence points to Sunset Valley as the source of the anomaly, and the pronounced “echo effect” here seems to support this theory . The little girl, Faith Barimen; he knows her, or maybe he will know her. It is difficult to tell under these conditions. She recognised him too. The poor thing must be as confused as he is. Unfortunately, the effect will only become more pronounced as they move farther down the loop.
Okay, forget the why? Not enough data to ascertain. Focus on the how? That is something he can really sink his teeth into. He has found all the pieces he needs to make his little box work. Kind of nifty, actually. He can measure the anomaly and attempt to find not only the source, but the point at which spacetime will intersect. Won’t that be something to see?
Of course, there is a danger of creating a temporal causality loop where the universe would exist in a state of infinite recursion, building up tremendous energy over the countless eons until such a time that the system can no longer contain the stored potential energy, and then…BLAMMO! Another Big Kaboom.
Wow. Decidedly uncool.
Okay, maybe the why? IS important after all. Could there possibly be a sim who is trying to create such a scenario? How morbidly egotistical would a sim have to be to hold the universe hostage? What would the payment be? Immortality? And who would pay the ransom? No, no, no. Stick to the how? The why? hurts too much to think about; far too many variables. One thing is for certain, something big is coming up.
His box will allow him to measure how soon, and to what degree. Finding out why? may only just be a matter of time.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 5.8 – Loop

  1. Uh-oh. Wow. So, Doc has something to do with the “overall plot,” it seems. I sensed he would be a complex character, though I guessed it might be as a potential love interest.

    This time stuff is so strange, yet interesting. Could this be why Faith had a strange feeling around him the second time she met him? Hmmm…It’s baffling!

    Great job – can’t wait for the next one!



    1. This was one of those things that didn’t have a good way of being told aside from just laying it out there. It will make a whole lot more sense as the chapter progresses. I think it will, anyway… 😉


  2. Oh! I like it. I’m so confused, but I like the “voice” of Doc’s character. I hope he isn’t a bad part of Faith’s life, but I don’t get the feeling that he is.


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