Chapter 4 – Hope

The word evokes a sense of faith that tomorrow will bring greater joy and happiness than what exists today. Its power to inspire has driven entire cultures to persevere through difficult and deadly times. But its subtlety is such that a single sim can draw comfort from it when things seem out of hand. For some sims, it is a belief in the covenant promising an eternity remiss from fear, and free from suffering.
And while it may be a noble topic, that particular meaning of hope is not the one about which this story is being told. Hope, in this context, is the name of a little girl who lives on Summerhill in Sunset Valley. To the casual observer, however, it may seem that Hope (the little girl) and hope (the word) are one in the same thing.

Mei (left), Dara (baby), and Hope (right) Barimen
Living up to her namesake may seem a rather daunting mission, and probably one that is profoundly out of reach for the outgoing and friendly child. Still, there is something to be said for determination. In her own mind, it seems pretty simple; just be nice to everybody. It is a concept that most sims know already, even without having to be taught; yet it remains wildly out of reach for many of them.
Hope Barimen, a name barely etched in time, has already managed to brighten the many lives she has touched. Even at such a tender age, she is known throughout the town on account of her own merit. She isn’t simply Dr. Barimen’s granddaughter, or “the Barimen heiress”. The townsfolk of Sunset Valley all know her and love her as the kind and unseemly child who always has a compliment and a warm smile to give.
Her parents, the father in particular, worry that her mild manner could develop into naiveté or gullibility. But others dismiss these concerns as projections of their own struggles to overcome the bitterness that has hardened their hearts. So while her mother and father enjoy the blessings of such a colorful child, they remain quietly diligent.
An open road lay ahead for Hope. And while the journey seems daunting, she knows that it will never have to be traveled alone. The friendships she forges during these formative years will endure throughout her lifetime. The question to ask as she grows older will be whether or not she possesses the grit needed to separate the true friends from those who seek to subvert, and take advantage of her kind nature and considerable fortune.
Hope Barimen (Excitable, Friendly, Angler)
Author’s Note: while playing the game the past couple of nights, I was shocked to see one of those “info-blurb” things (top right hand corner of the screen) pop up informing me of Dierdre Barimen’s untimely death by fire. I was half tempted to quit the game without saving. But I relented to the wisdom of Story Progression and moved on. Imagine my horror when, two sim-nights later, I see a similar “info-blurb” informing me of Claire Barien’s demise by electrocution.
This was actually pretty upsetting, as I was going to use them later down the line in the story. Dejected but determined, I set out to find the gravestones at their last known home; but no dice. They were cut down by the cruel hand of the Sims 3 AI, not even their remains …err… remain. But have no fear, I will not let the story of their deaths go untold!

13 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Hope

  1. Awesome update! Really enjoyed this chapter. Additionally, what a fantastic write you are! You make the stories so enjoyable with just your writing. Of course, the plot is fantastic, too. Can’t wait to hear more from Hope.



  2. Wow, what a beautiful church. Did you make it?

    I’m excited for Hope, she seems like such a charming little girl. I really hope she doesn’t get taken advantage of for being so kind hearted. Excitable sims are a lot of fun to play, I think. They have some great facial expressions.

    I’m sorry to hear about the SP. Sometimes it can really give you a cruel hand. I remember I waited so long for one of my spares in a legacy to have a child (outside of the active household) and when he did the child died randomly. It can be really disappointing. But, I’m glad you’re not going to let it get you down. The show must go on, as they say.



    1. Heh, David is excitable, and he does some of the craziest things when he’s idle. I’m looking forward to seeing what Hope brings to the table as the story moves forward.
      Yep, I did make the church! (as my wife giggled at me “…they go to church too?”) I’ll have to upload some of the characters and such to the exchange some day.


  3. Ah, I hate these plots that go untold for quite some time. It’s utterly annoying yet it feels so good to finally figure out whatever it was just a few chapters later and you feel happy and content…until the next plot. But it feels nice and worth it to wait for these long plots to finally be finished. Though Reid’s plot has certainly gone untold for a long time, the plot of what will happen to generation 10 will probably be a much longer wait. I bet Reid will come back as his ghost and tell someone of what was in the mine and a big excatvation will begin without the Barimen heir knowing about it. I am SO hooked! Well done!


    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! It’s kind of like watching X-Files, instead of answers, all you get are more questions. Unfortunately, the overall plotline will not resolve until the tenth generation… sorry… hehe.


  4. Aww..may Deidre and Claire rest in peace!

    Im really looking forward to reading Hope’s story and contribution to the legacy. You are once again an amazing writer! Makes it such a joy to read!


  5. Hope seems like a very interesting character 🙂 I love her being heiress and can’t wait to read more about her point of view and how she will contribute to the Barimen legacy 🙂

    I have a new chapter on ym blog, and i was wondering if you can read and comment on it,



  6. I believe I have an answer to finding Diedre & Claire. To find graves of your Sim family, all you have to do is go to the mausoleum located at the graveyard. I haven’t played TS3 due to technical diffculties running it (quite frustrating), but there’s some option to find any family or friends who have passed on. Hope I have helped.


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