Chapter 3.3 – Brambles

As a child, Bebe Hart found an old, abandoned cabin overlooking the ocean.
It was her place to come when her mom and dad’s “illness” became too much for her to handle. She felt at home sitting among the brambles, hidden from sight. Sometimes she would come here to read. Other times she would pretend the cabin was her fairytale castle.
She spent her childhood there, while the other kids did more “normal” activities. Her parents, of course, did not understand normal, so she came and went as she pleased most of the time. Being near the cabin soothed her frayed nerves and washed the anxiety away with calmness. It was as if the cabin itself had become her friend.
As she grew older, she could not stop thinking about the cabin. She spent hours in the library, researching as much information as she could about the place and it’s owners. But the information was very scarce, and the only thing she found were some public records. One name from her research stuck, however; Julian Barimen.
Years later, when she actually met Julian, he was beautiful and terrifying at the same time. He projected an air of confidence and control, but she could see the eyes of a frightened little boy behind his mirrored sunglasses. She felt as though she were being guided by something, or someone, back to the cabin.
She is not sure who seduced whom on the night they conceived David. Perhaps the cabin itself seduced the both of them. Regardless of the nature of their passion, that night changed her life. She realizes now that there was more than the love for Julian and David that drove her and kept her strong. It was a new sense of purpose, a family’s legacy to rekindle. She knew, somehow, that it was her calling to oversee its success after so many repeated failures.
The pain Julian had caused her through infidelity had resulted in a child that brought her more joy than she had ever known before. Yuki was the daughter that she and Julian had tried for years to conceive. She did not understand why was Pauline was given that grace, and not her. It was a love born out of heartache, but also a love worth a thousand such heartaches.
The razing of her old cabin was emotional, but necessary. Just as a farmer must rotate crops for the land to stay fertile, a new legacy has sprouted where the old one withered away. But there are things at work that Bebe does not yet understand. They work to try and stop the legacy from being fulfilled; a task at which they have not yet failed. And if not for the bravery of one single young woman, David would have been lost to them as well. Now Mark must face those same forces that seek to stop him.
She reflects upon all of this as her final moments pass. Julian has come to help guide her through. He is as beautiful and terrifying as he was the first day she saw him.
She goes with him as he leads her back to the cabin, where they can play and run together through the brambles for the rest of time.

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