Chapter 2.26 – Prosperity

Epilogue – David and Ciara enjoy a time of prosperity together in the house overlooking the beach. David has reached his lifetime wish of becoming a World Renowned Surgeon. They have saved enough simoleons to build expansions onto their home. It is still modest compared to the mansions surrounding it. But in comparison to the log cabin where David grew up, it is relative palace.
Ciara’s frantic phone call from Africa was the catalyst for this period of peace and quiet. She poured out her heart during that conversation, crying to Bebe how she could not spend another single day without David. Her feelings of betrayal about resigning her solemn vows were quieted by the same people who had suggested that she consider a life devoted to service. She was released from her commitment with the blessings of the cathedral and sent home. I had originally intended Kacey and David to marry and have kids together; with the shadow of Ciara hanging over their marriage. But after some consideration, I felt the current solution was much more fitting. David had been heartbroken from the day Ciara moved away, and while Kacey had provided him with comfort and companionship, she was no replacement for his real soulmate. Plus, Ciara’s traits open up a lot of potential for storytelling.
David and Ciara are married and with child shortly after the events leading to Reid’s death; maybe three or four months in real time. They take up the challenge of restarting the legacy that ended with a fire at the old cabin. His grandmother’s spirit spoke to Bebe about the land, and the mystery behind the immeasurable value it holds. Those who have discovered its secret have died with that knowledge; consumed either by greed or madness. The legacy of the MacAllisters, the family David has been researching, was eventually doomed by this as well. David has only begun to uncover the mystery that died with them. He has been repeatedly thwarted by missing information vital to the continued search. This information was withheld from him by somebody; possibly somebody close to him. But more important than the contents of the information itself, is the answer to two simple questions; who? and why?
Calling this the Barimen legacy is probably unfair. Julian provided the bloodline to connect David to his grandmother’s legacy, but Bebe has been the one to provide the foundation upon which the new legacy will be built. She has made the legacy a part of her life as if it were her own. Even as a child, Bebe had known that there was something about the place that made it unique and special. The spirit of Julian’s mother likely considered this when she chose to contact Bebe rather than her own son. She had told Bebe she would not be alive to share in the reward of the future generations. But she was wrong. Bebe has been rewarded with something that transcends even wealth. Bebe holds Mark Barimen, her grandchild, and revels in the bounty her family has been blessed with.
The good times at the Barimen household continue for a number of years. Mark shows the same potential for good that Bebe and his mother possess, but also seems to bear some weight upon his young mind. Even as an infant, he is rarely in a good mood, despite the showering of love and affection his family gives. Ciara bears a similar weight. But where she often releases her anxiety in the occasional emotional meltdown, Mark seems to internalize his.
Mark seems happiest with his grandmother, and she gives her attention freely. It only lasts for a short while, however. Ciara becomes pregnant again soon after Mark’s birth. And this time she makes good on her promise to fill the house with children. It is evident early in the pregnancy that she has more than one little resident this time around.
When Deirdre and Claire are born, they instantly bring new vibrancy to the Barimen home. Caring for three babies requires constant diligence on the part of all four able bodies. The girls’ bright and cheerful nature balance Mark’s usual grumpiness. Deirdre shows amazing cognitive ability, even for an infant. Claire seems content sitting in Bebe’s care, watching her create one masterpiece after another on the easel.
Yuki spends more time at home to help with the babies. She has attracted the attention of coaches at the stadium with her near perfect physical conditioning. She has a standing job offer awaiting as soon as she graduates. As her birthday approaches, she and Joe make plans to move in together after finishing school. David offers to give Joe a jumpstart to his dream of becoming a Rock Star by offering him a job at the theater after he graduates.
Life always follows its ebbs and flows, crests and troughs. And while nobody suspects it, Yuki’s epic birthday party represents the summit of this particular upswing for the Barimens. Yuki graduates early due to her honor roll grades, and transitions into adulthood amid her large throng of friends. She wears her father’s features prominently, but there is no denying the beauty she lends them. Joe is ready to fight off the competition with a stick while he waits for school to finish.
Joe comes home with Yuki after his own party a couple of weeks later and proposes to her on the spot. They spend the night together, then bid her family goodbye in the morning as they move into their home in a new development across town. For Bebe, it is the end of her own vocation as a parent. There is a sense of relief, but at the same time a anxiety about the future. The good times have been very good. Her worry is about the hard times that will inevitably come.
…and just how hard they will be.
Footnote: Yuki and Joe get married soon after moving to their house. It was difficult to move her out, as she had become one of my favorite characters. I am curious to see if they will produce children, so I check in on them often with Bebe to see if story progression has kicked in. So far, they haven’t had any. While this concludes David’s story, he will no doubt play a major part in the next chapter. David and Ciara have earned at least this short respite of happiness and tranquility. But as we all know, flower pedals and rainbows make for dull storytelling.

11 thoughts on “Chapter 2.26 – Prosperity

  1. That house looks GORGEOUS!

    How did you even come up with a design like that? Or did you just keep adding on and on?

    I’m already anticipating the next generation, I can’t believe I’m this hooked!


  2. I just keep adding new rooms to it, but end up having to knock walls out and such to get everything to fit.
    Thanks for the kudos! I’ve played a number of PBeM storytelling games ranging from Zelazny’s Amber, to Star Trek, to Marvel Superheroes. For me, character development is the key to a good story no matter what the genre is.


  3. I am beyond words. What a fitting ending for a beautiful chapter. You are quite the storyteller and although I wish that the happiness would last, I know that it wont. I look forward to the next chapter and how it will play out and only hope that in the end happiness will prevail again. <33


  4. I had to laugh at we both named a Claire as a third generation twin in our legacies. Admittedly I had my third gen first 😛

    I really enjoyed how this post set the scene for the next generation, while spanning a large amount of time. Nicely done.


  5. Hehe, I wanted to keep with the Irish names on Ciara (Irish pronounciation is KEER-ah). Her sister was Fiona, so Deirdre and Claire seemed to fit well. Fiona and Deirdre actually fit with another unrelated theme I am using throughout the legacy. Any guesses about the source of that theme? I’ve dropped a few hints in my comments along the way 😀


  6. The only theme I know that relates to Deirdre is the Celtic legend of Deirdre (and similarly Yeats’ piece on it), which in turn would relate back to your Irish naming schemes. I’m not quite sure where Fiona comes in on that theme, however.


  7. Corwin and Julian are also names I’m stealing. It’s nothing classical at all. It’s more of a pop-culture (okay …nerd culture) thing from the 60s-70s.


  8. Wow that was so high drama!! Truly marvelous, I’m glad you changed your mind and allowed Ciara to come home to David. I agree with you, I think they truly are soulmates. Kacey never set right with me, something about her grated on me in every chapter. Though I’m glad she wasn’t in on Reid’s plot, there was still something sneaky about her.

    Excellent, Excellent work. I love the balance between the usual legacy stuff and the gripping storyline. You balance them so well. I can’t wait to start reading Mark’s story.



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