Chapter 1.8 – Reality

For Bebe, the sudden appearance of Julian in Sunset Valley has brought memories
from her childhood back into the forefront of her mind. They are wonderful memories.
She and her friends would spend entire days running in the huge field where the
tiny log home sit perched on the vista. To a child, this is the stuff of high-romance
and love stories.
But what follows after Julian’s gracious invitation to live there quickly brings
her crashing back down to reality. There is a decidely dark side to Julian that
sometimes gives her the creeps. Almost like a light-switch, he will be friendly,
charming, and engaging; then minutes later he is cold, distant, and unreachable.
The hours she spends trying to bond with him might as well be spent alone.
He is at his worst while fishing; he simply stands silent, almost removed from reality.
She does not fool herself into thinking they are even remotely committed. But something
akin to friendship, she feels, would be nice.
She spends most of her time in her new home painting scenery, but she quickly grows
bored. Her paintings have sold for just enough to pay the bills, and getting a full
time job would put an end to her chances of selling a masterpiece.
Julian is rarely around. And when he does make an appearance he crashes on the couch,
grabs something to eat, then is gone again; sometimes for days at a time. And the
rumors that circulate throughout the town about him speak to some pretty seedy activity.
But Bebe dismisses them as typical rumor-mill fare.
Soon the novelty of living her childhood fantasy begins to wear off, and she speaks
with her mother to allow her stay a few nights back home. Even though her parents
are crazy (read: insane trait), they at least engage her in conversation. But Bebe
is still unhappy, as her parents’ antics annoy her to no end.
However, the vibrance of her parents’ home make for much better sleeping. The joy
and attachment she once felt for her cottage on the bluff is beginning to be replaced
with the empty coldness of Julian’s presence.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 1.8 – Reality

  1. I just got caught up. I love the mystery and Julian is such an amoral character. I like your light subtle approach to his nature. It makes it even creepier.


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